Thursday, October 13, 2005

El Salvador

From: Aryeh Shell

Hola friends y companeros...
As some of you may know, I will be going to El
Salvador in January for
nine months to work with
a community in the Bajo Lempa region doing popular
education, art, and
theater -
though what I was planning and imagining will look
very different now.
They have recently been devastated by Hurricane Stan
which is getting
very little airtime
in the media. I know our hearts are extended to so
many the world over
and in our own communities,
but please hold them also in your hearts and prayers
and if its
possible to donate - this is a grassroots effort that
needs it.
I'm sending a link to the website of the organization
I'll be working
with which has photos and news
of the people and land affected:
check their "about us" link for more info about the
org and La
Coordinadora who is hosting me...
they desperately need some support as the government
is doing very
to evacuate or supply food or meds - much like our
Thanks for taking a minute and many blessings....
Love and solidarity,

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