Monday, May 14, 2007

Did you know even Permanent Residents are getting deported?

The deportations of undocumented or even permanent resident parents of citizen children is really shocking and never would have taken place before the "reforms" of 1996. Previously, this would have qualified as "hardship". Now the criteria is extreme hardship and the bar is so high that it can rarely be met. Furthermore, most judicial review has been taken away so in most cases, the judge in immigration court has little recourse but to deport people.

The sanctuary movement families are "poster families", undocumented parents of citizen children who are integrated into their communities and have exemplary records. The attorneys working with the movement are the best in the country and are hoping to create precendents that will help others.The Bill of Rights guarantees due process, etc. to persons, not citizens or legal residents. I am shocked at how many rights have been taken away and how little due process there is at the moment.

This cannot continue to exist! The rights of all of us are affected by the denial of rights to immigrants.

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