Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Welcome To EpiCentroAmerica

Bienvenidos al Blog de artistas, poetas, escritores, locos/as centroamericanos /as en el web.

From the center of America erupts Epicentro: an organic literary collective straddling performance, spoken word and testimonial artforms, composed of inter-generational community-minded cultural activists of Central American extraction that write to resurrect memory and inspire action. These Central American bodies in flux and immigrant voices rise from Hollywood bus stops, volcanic ashes, quetzal wings, peripheral MacArthur Park, Mission pupuserias and more. Epicentro is a land of creation; it exists beyond physical boundaries. You don't join Epicentro vos sos Epicentro!


Salvadorean Papi said...

Thanks maya for kick starting our identity in the blogging world. I have to admit its new and scary teritorio for me.

hugO Nelson Chavez said...

... hey this template looks just like mine!

cool ...

so, where do we go from here?

hmmm--still haven't ventured into the Blog Realm ... kinda like traveling to Cloud City (from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back): appears a serene enough place to visit(c'mon, a city rising within and above the clouds!), work, and reconnect with old friends, but a shady place to stay (under the surveillance of the empire ...)

Chapina said...

don't be scared, I'll hold your hand. If you dont get it yet I will post whatever you want me to. M

xapina said...

epicentro is a land of creation; it exists beyond physical boundaries