Sunday, May 15, 2005

Who are we? What is an Epicentro?

Hey all, these were some questions I came up with a long time ago when I was writing an article about the epicentros (quien sabe donde quedo...) I thought it might get this site started a little. Just start writing what you can and you can come back to it later and add more. Just click on comments below to respond.

Tell me a little about your background.

Where did you grow up and what was it like growing up there? (as a Central American?)

How did you hear about the Epicentros?

What made you want to get involved?

What school do you go to & what do you study?or if no school where do you work?

What is important about this group? what makes it unique?

Where have you performed or published and what was it like?

What are your plans, or the groups plans for the future? What would you like to see the group do?

Anything else you want to add?

Any other questions you would like asked?


Chapina said...

I was born in Long Beach, CA. My parents were involved in Central American solidarity movements in the 70s, 80s, 90s(they helped start GIC Guatemalan Information Center). Im still trying to recouperate this information as I was young and didnt fully understand. We would spend many weeknights and most weekends in LA Pico Union at events and meetings. It was weird sometimes because I didnt really have friends in school who could understand.

I heard about the first event Epicentros had at the former Espresso Mi Cultura in Los Angeles. Actually my mom was invited but I went instead, was blown away that these folks existed and pestered those epis until they let me hang out with the cool kids.
I needed this space.

Right now I'm at San Francisco State University doing a masters in Broadcasting and Communications focusing in documentary and education.
I'm always looking for side jobs.

This group is like a little family with its functions and disfunctions, growth, life and death cycles, but lots of love and lots of smart asses. oops did I say that?
I feel honored to be around and be inspired by such creative, powerful, smart and good looking people.

I want to see websites, anthologies, documentaries, performances and especially workshops in our future.

I would add more but I got a life you know...

Chapina said...

Post Data, I dont necessarily think you join just are an Epicentro if you identify.

Anonymous said...

Ernesto Iraheta (aka El Guanaco)
-I was born in San Salvador in a town called Mejicanos.
We lived there untill I was seven when we had to
mirgrate to Seattle Wa.
Growing up as a Central American was
hard at times because there were not many
Central Americans around. I had to
represent for El Salvador and did that
through the HipHop culture.
I began rhyming in middle school and called my self El Guanaco.
I repped in high school and now I perform
anywhere we can with my crew called Cyphalliance or
we are currently working on our second albumn.
So I found HipHop as my outlet to express my Salvi pride
and mesage of the struggle.

How did you hear about the epicentros?
--I was blessed to meet Georgie back in 99.
And in 2000, I found myself at a poetry reading
at espresso mi cultura in hollywood. It was very
refreshing to my soul to see
my Central American brothas and sistas reppin
on the mic with some dope poetry.
It was the first time I saw my paisas repp
with poetry on the mic. Over here in Seattle, I had
only seen Phillipino poets and others on the mic.
I ended up performing that night and went to
a epicentro after party by echo park where they
had a living room concert. It was one of the dopest
experiences ever. I built with Salvis about
many issues that were my age
and had gone through the similar experience of
growing up Salvi in the states.

What made you want to get involved?
--I naturally got involed and ended up flying
a couple of the Epis to a Latino Youth Conference
out here in Seattle back in 2001. It was nice to
see the youth's reaction to the Central American poetry,since year
after year it was mainly mexicans on the mic.

What school do you go to & what do you study?or if no
school where do you work?
--Right now Im just working for some
corporate job, but rocking mics on the side
and planning on going back for my BA in
something good in the fall.

What is important about this group? what makes it
--It gives us a voice that is rarely heard.(at least where
I live)
And an outlet of _expression where we can

Where have you performed, published etc. (with or
without epicentro) and what was it like?
-I went on tour with Aztlan Underground back in
2000. And along with Cyphalliance I have
performed in NY, Bay area, and all over the

What are your plans, or the groups plans for the
future? What would you like to see the group do?
I would like to feature a spoken word track
with the Epis on one of my upcoming albumns.
And hopefully perform in LA again.

Peace and Blessings. Keep the pen
moving and evolving. Keep the fight strong!

Vencer or Morir! Perquin Moraza